Meet the Partner: PbEB

Project partner, Plattform für Berufsbezogene Erwachsenenbildung (PbEB) is an association of the leading private providers of vocational and business-related education and training. Based in Vienna since 2007, they aim to promote the importance of vocational adult education for personal, entrepreneurial and macroeconomic development.

They see vocational adult education as a market in which they offer demand-oriented, sustainable and diverse products and services. Their actions are committed to the individuality and entrepreneurial success of their customers.

Our market-leading members focus on high quality and as part of a voluntary commitment, the platform members use quality management and educational management tools for customer satisfaction, learning success and practical transfer.

PbEB views a high level of participation in continuing education as an important economic competitive factor and they are available to politicians, academics, the media and companies as a point of contact. They are keen to share their experience and expertise for the further development of vocational adult education.

As Management Assistant for the Plattform Erwachsenenbildung, Daniel Noppinger coordinates and organises various aspects of the Social Impact Manager project. From planning and running meetings and interviews to ensuring efficient communication between the PbEB members, his role is to make sure all the processes run smoothly. Commenting on his personal goal, Daniel said, “My goal is to contribute to the successful implementation of the SIM project to have a lasting impact on the community and learn more about how we can work together to successfully achieve the objectives.”

PbE advocates the creation of suitable framework conditions for individuals and companies to facilitate and expand access to vocational and company-related training activities. PbEB’s member organisations offer certified courses on environment, sustainability and CSR management. This know-how will feed into the SIM teaching modules on impact evaluation and CSR. PbEB also brings with it an extensive network for outreach to Austrian companies whom they will engage with throughout the SIM project.

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