Social impact through design and local community collaboration

Project School is a social innovation company founded in Italy that empowers individuals and organisations to tackle the most pressing challenges facing their communities. With a focus on creative problem-solving and design thinking, Project School equips participants with the skills and tools to develop sustainable and impactful solutions to issues ranging from education and employment to environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

At the heart of Project School’s approach lies a belief in the transformative power of design and innovation. The company fosters a collaborative and participatory environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to share their perspectives, expertise, and experiences. By harnessing the collective creativity and problem-solving abilities of these individuals, Project School facilitates the development of innovative solutions that address the root causes of societal challenges. Project School’s commitment to social impact is further exemplified by its involvement in several EU-funded Erasmus+ projects from 2020 to date. These projects focus on critical areas such as active citizenship and urban regeneration, women’s empowerment, migration management, and youth engagement, and sustainable development.

The world is facing many pressing challenges, from climate change to social inequality. These challenges require innovative solutions that can address the root causes of the problems.

Being part of the Social Impact Manager (SIM) project for us is a step forward to work with new allies (e.g. companies and universities), in tackling these challenges. Within SIM, using a bottom-up research methodology and co-planning at a European level, it is an important opportunity to get to know the territories and the social problems that have emerged up close. At the same time, through SIM, we are playing a fundamental role in building new social and business models in local communities. This collaborative process involves stakeholders from all levels of society, embracing the complexity and difficulties of uniting local communities with businesses. SIM aims to create a new professional figure, the Social Impact Manager, capable of guiding the way of doing business, which will increasingly combine the aspects of the non-profit world with the profit ones.

Social Impact Managers will be trained in design thinking, Corporate Social Responsibility and community engagement, therefore they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to develop creative solutions.

New professionals are essential to driving change because they bring fresh perspectives and new ideas. They are not bound by the same old ways of thinking, and they are more likely to be open to innovation. The Social Impact Manager project is helping to create a new generation of professionals who are committed to social impact and capable of driving change.

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